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Love Your Space, Love Your Work: My New Office


My summer project was turning the spare room into an office. I spent so much of my free time watching HGTV that my hands started itching for a renovation project of my own. I spent three months turning this room into an office where I can write both my books and my blog. This room pre-transformation was a spare, catch-all kind of space. There was a ripped futon, an old desktop computer, broken wicker drawers, and a lot of random stuff: clothes we grew out of, papers from when I was a kid, computer games that couldn’t even be played anymore. The walls were blue, the carpet was a dingy brown, and though it seemed impossible, I had a vision of what it could be.

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Fall Picks for Every Budget

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Alice and Olivia • Stuart WeitzmanShoptiques

NordstromAnthropologieAnd Other Stories

Nine WestJoieFree People

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What I Wish I Knew My First Year of College


Against all odds, I survived college. I graduated this past May with a BA in psychology, a minor in creative writing, a box of trinkets, and a lot of memories. Freshmen year was the start of an incredible journey that led me to friends I never knew I needed in my life, some useful useless information I’d need in my life, and learning some things about myself that changed my life. Mushy and cliche as it sounds, as I watch my younger friends get ready to go back to school, part of me wishes I was too. A bigger part of me is happy that I don’t have to because I’m done with the mass of assignments and 8am classes. But there is a part, albeit small, that wishes I had one more year.

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Chapter Fifteen Travels to: Charleston, South Carolina


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of adventure. I love to travel and see new places, try new things, see new beaches, eat at new restaurants. With a couple days off from work in late June, my mom and I tried to decide where to go away to. We threw around different places like Cape May, New Jersey, Ocean City Maryland, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, and many others. But I was pretty set on Charleston. In the spirit of adventure, we bought some snacks at Target, got on the road (a long but scenic fifteen hours), and booked a hotel on the way down. Continue reading “Chapter Fifteen Travels to: Charleston, South Carolina”

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Red and White, Stars and Stripes. Blue Too.


I went away this weekend (and found this pretty courtyard to take pictures in) but came home just in time for the Fourth. The Fourth of July is probably my favorite summer holiday. I when my family (read: my crazy cousins) come over and we cookout on our back deck and go and try to watch as many firework shows as we can. Last year, we saw three on just one drive! Last year I made these cheese stuffed burgers and trust me, you’re not going to want another kind. Ribs, hot dogs, and fruity drinks also cover the table as we laugh and joke together. What’s you favorite part of the holiday? Continue reading “Red and White, Stars and Stripes. Blue Too.”

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Fresh and Green: Instagram Outfit Roundup


IMG_1850I spent the week working on my soon-to-be office, which involved clearing out a bunch of old papers and furniture from a space that was a spare room in the house. We had an old computer that didn’t even work anymore and a bunch of old tests from when I was in elementary school (I had some serious problems with spelling). As a treat and kind of as a spur of the moment, I went to Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday (blog post to come on that). That’s my week, and he’s everything I wore.

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