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Shop Small Business Saturday With Local Stores I’m Obsessed With

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Small boutiques are my favorite places to shop. I love the unique clothes different stores have and that you can’t buy them at bigger, National chain stores. Clothing from small boutiques feels like wearing something special. Not only are their pieces cute, but they won’t be worn by everyone. So when someone asks when you got a dress or a skirt or a pair of shoes, you tell them and it’s like sharing a little secret. I’ve always been drawn to these kinds of stores so when I’m traveling, I often like finding one to take a couple pieces back with me. It’s like taking a little bit of the city with me back home. These boutiques are also often locally owned, shopping in them helps the owners and their business and helps to keep money following in the community rather than to some faceless CEO across the country. Keeping the local community thriving by shopping small is the whole reason behind Small Business Saturday. And to honor that (and some of my favorite places to shop), here are four boutiques I’ve found and love. And you can buy from every single one of them (even if you aren’t local!). Continue reading “Shop Small Business Saturday With Local Stores I’m Obsessed With”

Travel and Vacation

Chapter Fifteen Travels: Rhode Island


For a joint birthday weekend between me and my friend, I headed to Rhode Island. She’s finishing an engineering degree and I came for a visit. I’ve never been to the country’s smallest state (you can drive the length of it in about an hour and a half!) and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Honestly, I was kind of thinking Gilmore Girls, which is the only New England setting I can call to mind. It wasn’t exactly that, but I was surprised at the quaintness of the state.

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Travel and Vacation

Chapter Fifteen Travels: Charleston, South Carolina


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of adventure. I love to travel and see new places, try new things, see new beaches, eat at new restaurants. With a couple days off from work in late June, my mom and I tried to decide where to go away to. We threw around different places like Cape May, New Jersey, Ocean City Maryland, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, and many others. But I was pretty set on Charleston. In the spirit of adventure, we bought some snacks at Target, got on the road (a long but scenic fifteen hours), and booked a hotel on the way down. Continue reading “Chapter Fifteen Travels: Charleston, South Carolina”