Summer Birthday Guide

Today is my mom’s birthday. It’s a milestone birthday so I wanted to do something special over the weekend to celebrate it. Every year, I ask what my mom wants for her birthday or what she wants to do. Every year, she always says nothing or anything or whatever everyone else wants to do. Every year, I’m staring up at my ceiling, wondering what I should get her as a gift and where I should take her for dinner. While scouring the internet for birthday gifts and laying awake a night trying to figure out where to go, I decided to make a guide for celebrating birthdays this summer, if not to help someone else, then to help myself next year. Read on to see my choices of gifts, cakes, and adventures that would make any birthday a day to be remembered. Continue reading “Summer Birthday Guide”

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(Mother’s Day) Brunch is Always a Good Idea

Mother's Day Brunch.jpg

I love brunch and I love planning things and I love my mom. What better way to put all of them to use than a Mother’s Day brunch? Last year, my family came over to celebrate. My cousins and I were running the show from behind the scenes: one taking orders, one running food, and the other acting as my sous chef in the kitchen. And once all the food was out and the drinks were poured, we all sat on our back deck eating, drinking, and laughing. These are my plans for a perfect Mother’s Day brunch because as they say, “brunch is always a good idea.”

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