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Apple Picking and Apple Recipes

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This week, I’m in New England celebrating a joint birthday weekend with my best friends and a fall adventure vacation. My first stop was Rhode Island, to visit my friend. It’s the first time I’ve been to this state, and, though small, it’s beautiful this time of year. My first day here, my friend took the train from Boston and met us in Rhode Island. And when trying to figure out how to spend the day, I suggested apple picking. We found an orchard online, set the GPS, and drove out there. We spent the afternoon walking around, trying to reach apples high up in the trees, and laughing. Then, with a bag full of apples, we headed home with the idea of trying to use them all in some kind of recipe. Here are some fall foods to try when you find yourself coming home with a giant bag of apples. Continue reading “Apple Picking and Apple Recipes”

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Paper Source Haul


When I was in New York City this summer, we wandered into a Paper Source and I had found my happy place. I’ve been obsessed with notebooks and pretty little office things for, like, forever and now I had just stumbled on the motherload of stores that sold all my favorite things. I bought a couple items in New York, some notebooks and such, but I wanted to go back and buy everything. Problem? There’s no Paper Source in my city. But that didn’t stop me, immediately, I was on my phone on the website looking up the nearest location. And I found that it’s only two hours away. In another state, but only two hours away. So my mom and I made a plan to day trip to Ohio one Saturday in the fall and visit Cleveland’s local Paper Source. And this is what I bought. Continue reading “Paper Source Haul”


Fifty Ways to Fall in Fun


Fall is probably my favorite season. I love fall styles like cozy sweaters and boots, I make a mean pumpkin cake with homemade whipped cream icing (just wait ’til you get that recipe), and I can drink apple spice tea all day every day. Plus my birthday is in October! There’s so much to love about fall and so much to do. So here are fifty traditional and different activities that’ll make this the most fun season yet. Continue reading “Fifty Ways to Fall in Fun”

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Love Your Space, Love Your Work: My New Office


My summer project was turning the spare room into an office. I spent so much of my free time watching HGTV that my hands started itching for a renovation project of my own. I spent three months turning this room into an office where I can write both my books and my blog. This room pre-transformation was a spare, catch-all kind of space. There was a ripped futon, an old desktop computer, broken wicker drawers, and a lot of random stuff: clothes we grew out of, papers from when I was a kid, computer games that couldn’t even be played anymore. The walls were blue, the carpet was a dingy brown, and though it seemed impossible, I had a vision of what it could be.

Continue reading “Love Your Space, Love Your Work: My New Office”


What I Wish I Knew My First Year of College


Against all odds, I survived college. I graduated this past May with a BA in psychology, a minor in creative writing, a box of trinkets, and a lot of memories. Freshmen year was the start of an incredible journey that led me to friends I never knew I needed in my life, some useful useless information I’d need in my life, and learning some things about myself that changed my life. Mushy and cliche as it sounds, as I watch my younger friends get ready to go back to school, part of me wishes I was too. A bigger part of me is happy that I don’t have to because I’m done with the mass of assignments and 8am classes. But there is a part, albeit small, that wishes I had one more year.

So here are some things I wish I knew my freshman year and some authentic picture and kinda grainy pictures of me as a baby—I mean, a freshman. Continue reading “What I Wish I Knew My First Year of College”

What to Read

Seven Books, One Month, A Review


photo.jpegIf you’ve checked my blog in the last month, you may have noticed that my ‘Currently Reading’ section has been changing pretty frequently. Ever since graduating and coming home with all this free time, I’ve been reading like crazy. The last four years, I haven’t had the chance to sit down and read the way I did when I was in high school or even when I was on break. Now that I’m done with school, I haven’t been able to stop reading. I think it might be partly due to catching up with the books that I had piled up and mostly due to procrastinating my own writing. Whatever the reason, I’ve loved the lifestyle change. So, simply, here are seven books and what I thought about them. Continue reading “Seven Books, One Month, A Review”