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Apple Picking and Apple Recipes

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This week, I’m in New England celebrating a joint birthday weekend with my best friends and a fall adventure vacation. My first stop was Rhode Island, to visit my friend. It’s the first time I’ve been to this state, and, though small, it’s beautiful this time of year. My first day here, my friend took the train from Boston and met us in Rhode Island. And when trying to figure out how to spend the day, I suggested apple picking. We found an orchard online, set the GPS, and drove out there. We spent the afternoon walking around, trying to reach apples high up in the trees, and laughing. Then, with a bag full of apples, we headed home with the idea of trying to use them all in some kind of recipe. Here are some fall foods to try when you find yourself coming home with a giant bag of apples. Continue reading “Apple Picking and Apple Recipes”

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Weekend in Pittsburgh

View of Downtown Pittsburgh from Mount Washington
Photo by Anna Hornberger

If you missed my Instagram Stories this weekend, you’d know that my college friends came to visit me this weekend in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I kind of felt like the Bachelorette doing a hometown date. I’m the only one in my group of friends from Pennsylvania and for four years, I’ve told them about how much I loved the city and all the things I loved to do and all the places I love to eat. After graduation and before we all branch out towards the rest of our lives, I thought what better way to celebrate graduation and hang out with each other than to show them around my city.

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New Adventure: Wine Tasting

A group of friends and I went to Crosskeys Vineyard, a beautiful place tucked into the Shenandoah Valley, to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was giggly afternoon as we sat around a table and sampled a variety of local wines and cheeses. I found my love of sweet wines. And I mean sweet. I have a sweet tooth so I can’t say that I’m surprised. My favorite, by far, was their Ali d’Oro, a dessert wine with a higher sugar content than alcohol content. Essentially, it was adult grape juice. Although, that’s not the one pictured above; that one just matched my lipstick.

We unanimously loved the bread and cheese. The variety of cheeses were delicious and I couldn’t stop snacking on the grapes. My favorite cheese surprised me, though. I thought it would be the parmesan, but it turned out to be the gorgonzola. Their gorgonzola (pictured above with the purple rind) was soaked in a mixture that included onions and red wine. Paired with a slice of the soft bread, this was easily one of the best cheeses that I’ve ever had.

With graduation looming in our distant future (May 2017! Ahh!), my friends and I took the time to enjoy each other’s company and talk about all the adventures we want to do before we walk across the stage in the spring. I’m excited about everything and everywhere we have planned. And this is a great start to the semester.


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