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Red and White, Stars and Stripes. Blue Too.


I went away this weekend (and found this pretty courtyard to take pictures in) but came home just in time for the Fourth. The Fourth of July is probably my favorite summer holiday. I when my family (read: my crazy cousins) come over and we cookout on our back deck and go and try to watch as many firework shows as we can. Last year, we saw three on just one drive! Last year I made these cheese stuffed burgers and trust me, you’re not going to want another kind. Ribs, hot dogs, and fruity drinks also cover the table as we laugh and joke together. What’s you favorite part of the holiday? Continue reading “Red and White, Stars and Stripes. Blue Too.”

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Beauty and the BCBG


I first saw this dress way back in March while I was shopping for my spring formal dress. I walked my formal dress up to the checkout counter and the girl standing behind it was wearing this dress. I told her that I loved it and she told me it was BCBG and she bought one of the last ones in the store (that location was going out of business and everything was marked down). That night, I went home and looked up the dress. I almost cried because it was $228 and there was no way I could buy that. But I loved the dress so much that I bookmarked the page on my computer and watched it to see if it went on sale to a point where I could buy it. Three months later, when I was home from college, I looked at the dress and saw that it was marked down and they were running a sale on top of that. This was my moment and I couldn’t let it pass. So I bought it there on the spot. And guess what, about a month later, it’s still in stock and still marked down and still has a sale on top of that. And if the price can’t convince you, maybe the beautiful color or the bell sleeves will. Continue reading “Beauty and the BCBG”

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Seeing Red


It was such a crazy week! Monday was my mom’s birthday. Tuesday was my cousin’s piano recital. Wednesday was dinner with my high school friends. Thursday was photoshoot day and a meeting with my mentor. Friday was the day my friends came to visit from out of town. I was running around practically all day every day and that had me seeing red. Not really in a mad way, but more in an all-the-blood-is-rushing-to-my-head-in-a-good-way way. At least I’m in for a good weekend and a cute dress.

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It Was All Yellow


When I don’t know how to title things, I turn to songs. This time it was Yellow by Coldplay. It’s no secret that I love off the shoulder tops this season so when I saw this in store, I had to have it. I was drawn to this gorgeous pale yellow color and the ruffle and off the shoulder were added bonuses. I wore this as a strolled the downtown waterfront and it’s so perfect for a light summer evening. Check out more of this look and pieces you can use to recreate it! Continue reading “It Was All Yellow”

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A Slice of Paris


Cue Paris by the Chainsmokers, this outfit makes me feel like I’m about to walk around the Louvre and use my four semesters of French to my advantage. While I was out playing tourist in my own hometown, we stopped by this museum for an hour break from taking pictures. It wasn’t the Louvre and I didn’t have to speak French, but it was just as exciting as I imagine Paris to be.

I’ve been trying to find a way to style this top I bought last month. It didn’t go with any of my new purchases so I started digging through my closet and drawers until I found this skirt. Tepidly, I put them together and hoped it would work out. The secret to mixing prints is keeping the colors consistent. Despite the how busy the skirt is, the main color of both is white, which keeps them from clashing and the black accents differ but complement each other. Now I’m off to book my ticket to France.

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Pretty in Pinstripes


Story time about this top. I was walking through the mall one day and saw that J. Crew was having a sale. I went in and saw this blouse and I knew that I needed it immediately because I bought this skirt and had nothing to wear it with And then I’ve been dreaming of this combination ever since. So when it was a beautiful day to spend out and about, I knew this was the outfit I had to wear. I spent the day walking around the park, around the city, then to a dinner party that night. It’s one of those perfect day to night spring outfits.
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