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Goals of An Aspiring Author

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Since I’ve begun to get serious about writing and publishing, my goals have become a lot more concrete. For a while, it was just finishing a book. Then I was just hoping that I would let someone other than a friend read it. Then I wanted to work on my craft and then get published. When I made the decision to pursue publishing, then I had a ton of things I wanted to do. So now that I’m officially on the road to having a book on the shelves, here are five goals I made up for myself.

I want to write at least one book that takes in every state

I guess that would add up to at least fifty books. One of my favorite parts of writing is creating settings. Fictional towns are one of my strong suits and that stems partially from anxiety. I always worry that if I use a real town, that some reader who’s from there will read that and pick up all the mistakes and inconsistencies I made trying to transcribe their town onto paper. So I just make up my own. A lot of authors do this, of course, though if it stems from my kind of anxiety I’m not sure. But since I make up my own towns, I figured I might as well have fun with it. So the Fifty State Challenge was born. Right now, the states that have completed books are Maine, South Carolina, California, Connecticut, and Florida. The book I’m working on is set in Alabama. And my planned upcoming projects are set in Nevada and Washington State. That’s not a bad start if I do say so myself.

I want to be a New York Times Bestselling Author and win a young adult fiction Award

This might be the goal of almost every author. While just seeing my book on the shelves of a Barnes and Noble or as an eBook on Amazon would be amazing, seeing that little sticker that says the book is best-selling would just be the cherry on top. I’d have my dream and be good at it in the eyes of other people (although that’s not all that matters. What you think of your work is just as—if not more—important). Similarly, I want to win an award for one of my books. I guess I’m not picky about which or for what, but it would be nice to receive recognition for something I worked so hard on.

I want to inspire a fanfiction

I had this thought when I was watching Twilight one night. I had scrolled through Netflix and settled on the franchise after realizing that I had watched a lot of the movies already on there. Now, say what you will about Twilight, but it has been influential as a series. It inspired conversation, a movie franchise, a parody movie, a place in culture, and a fanfiction (that was pretty successful in itself). I was watching the movie and thinking about all this when it just hit me. Maybe it’s not the best book series or movie series but it inspired many people to write their own chapters and versions and inspired someone to the point of writing their own book based off their series. I want my characters to connect to people like that and I was the story to resonate with readers.

I want to be on Ellen and The Talk

I have my entire visit on Ellen planned out. I’ll be on Ellen to promote my newest book. In the midst of asking me questions about my books, my process, and other interview questions, Ellen, who’s so fond of scaring her guests, would surprise me with Ed Sheeran jumping from behind and scaring me. (I love Ed Sheeran, like a lot, but that’s another ‘about me’ post). I jump and then probably cry a little bit as I hug him in complete shock. And on The Talk, I’ve already come up with my intro and practiced walking out and waving while not tripping over my feet. And, of course, the audience would go home with a copy of my novel.

I want my book to be adapted into a movie or TV series

And I want to write it and work on the movie. This is one of my more recent goals. Especially now that they’re adapting so many books into movies and TV shows. I think it would be so exciting to see my characters come alive and act out my story in front of me. I have a feeling that I would just stand there in awe, watching everything happen around me. Even as it’s all happening, I have a feeling it would still seem like a dream.


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