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A Slice of Paris


Cue Paris by the Chainsmokers, this outfit makes me feel like I’m about to walk around the Louvre and use my four semesters of French to my advantage. While I was out playing tourist in my own hometown, we stopped by this museum for an hour break from taking pictures. It wasn’t the Louvre and I didn’t have to speak French, but it was just as exciting as I imagine Paris to be.

I’ve been trying to find a way to style this top I bought last month. It didn’t go with any of my new purchases so I started digging through my closet and drawers until I found this skirt. Tepidly, I put them together and hoped it would work out. The secret to mixing prints is keeping the colors consistent. Despite the how busy the skirt is, the main color of both is white, which keeps them from clashing and the black accents differ but complement each other. Now I’m off to book my ticket to France.

Top: No Rest for Bridget ● Skirt: Made by my friend ● Shoes: Target


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