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My [Last] Spring Break

I’m officially on spring break, my last of my school career. With the week coming up, I have some fun things planned. That’s beside trying to get ahead in work and resting up from the first two months of this semester.

This spring break, it’ll be my grandpa’s 75th birthday! We’re planning a surprise (shhh!) birthday dinner for him. It’ll be my mom, my grandma, my uncle and aunt, and my cousins. I’m so excited for us to get dressed up and go out to dinner together; going out with my whole family is a blast. Putting us all together always results in laughs and jokes and stories from gatherings past. I’ve really missed all of them while I was away.

I’ll also be starting a new book. I’m in a program called Your Novel Year, which is run through Arizona State University. Our first session just finished up last week (I’m planning on writing about my thoughts and experiences so stay tuned). In the next session, which begins soon, we’re focusing on writing and workshopping. I’m excited to get back to writing on a regular schedule, shooting for 250 words a day.

Towards the end of the week, I’m hoping to go to New York City for a few days for a short vacation and to visit a friend of my mom’s. I’ve been scouting restaurants and bakeries I want to try for weeks now, including a place that has giant mozzarella sticks and another that has artisan milkshakes. I’m a sucker for photogenic food.

My last, and biggest, plan for spring break is the most exciting. This week, I’ll be meeting with an editor to discuss my book. She had read some of my work back in August and really liked the little she had read. One of her comments was that she couldn’t believe that I was only twenty-years-old. I’m really excited to meet with her and get some more in-depth feedback on my work and a plan for publishing. Hopefully, this will be a stepping stone and lead to some post-graduation plans.

This may be my last spring break, but it’s already shaping up to be a good one. I hope everyone else that’s also on spring break, or will be soon, has a happy and safe one!



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